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GOT MOLD? Beware of the health risks to you & your family.

Mold is a type of fungus that can be found in many environments, both indoor and outdoor. It thrives in moist and warm conditions, and can cause health concerns if it enters our homes. Inhaling or touching mold spores can lead to numerous respiratory problems like allergies, asthma attacks, hay fever, irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, and more. In some cases, people with compromised immune systems could also develop fungal infections in the lungs or other organs.

Mold can also affect our mental health. Prolonged exposure to mold has been linked to depression, anxiety, and cognitive impairment. It’s important to take action if you think your home is at risk of mold growth, as it could lead to long-term health problems.

Many people are unaware that they’re living with mold in their home, so it’s important to be aware of the signs and symptoms. Look out for musty odors, visible spots on walls and ceilings, water damage or discoloration, and peeling paint. If you see any of these warning signs, it’s best to have a professional check your home for mold and determine the best course of action for removal.

There are also now RELIABLE AND AFFORABLE mold detection kits that can easily be purchased and simply used. Learn more about the GOT MOLD TEST KIT and make sure you use the code POWER UP for a 10% discount.

What’s in your air? Professional quality mold testing in 30 minutes or less. Get everything you need, with nothing else to purchase or pay for. Using the same method as professionals, the GOT MOLD? Test Kit makes it easy to test the air in 1, 2, or 3 rooms at your own convenience, without the hassle of finding a qualified and trustworthy inspector. No need to schedule an appointment or worry about potential conflicts of interest — our service is fast and dependable, providing the peace of mind you deserve. Real Science, Real Simple Your report will include the types of molds detected and in what quantity, as well as a practical and easily understood interpretation of the lab results, all in a matter of days. The GOT MOLD? Test Kit tests your air for mold with spore traps, the most widely utilized method of professional air sampling for mold. INCLUDES:
  • All Lab Fees

  • Accredited Analysis

  • Free Shipping – Both Ways!

  • Reusable BioVac™ Air Sampler (batteries included!)

  • Air-O-Cell® Air Sampling Cassettes

  • Easy Instructions

  • Detailed Lab Report

  • Color-Coded Interpretation

  • Legendary Support

Stop wondering. Start knowing.

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