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Nurses! What's More Important than 8 Hours of Sleep

New research shows consistency of sleep schedule more critical than uninterrupted hours.

Research revealed in a recent article in the WALL STREET JOURNAL reveals that it's perhaps not how many uninterrupted hours of sleep you get each night that is most important to your health and productivity but the consistency of your sleep sleep schedule.

We know this for our children almost instinctually. We see it in their behavior. Even if we let them sleep a few extra hours after a late bedtime, it still takes a toll on performance and emotional health. PERHAPS IT IS THE VERY SAME FOR US.

SLEEP QUALITY is important too and taking supplements can help deepen your sleep and rest and bring sharpness and focus to your morning. Power Up Nursing is proud of our all-natural, vegan, US-manufactured DEEP SLEEP nutritional formula. For nurses by nurses.

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