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NOW with our premium, nurse-recommended, scientifically-certified Power Up Nursing Nutrition.


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2025 Power Up Caribbean Cruise for Nurses
Sail into the New World of Nursing

June 15 - 22, 2025

Yoga at Home


POWER UP NURSING is a national movement to improve the well-being and lifestyle of professional nurses. Led by nurses and anchored by nurse-centric corporations, healthcare facilities, and professional organizations, POWER UP NURSING makes an impact with

  • POWER UP conferences, training workshops, travel, and online courses,

  • POWER UP PARTNERSHIPS WITH HOSPITALS to prevent nurse burnout, ameliorate stress, and reduce turnover,

  • a POWER UP PLATFORM (website) with ongoing education, 

  • e-commerce (products and resources which support nurses),

  • POWER UP blog, podcast, social media, and digital newsletter. 


Our mission is to alleviate stress, pain, and disease for nurses and the people they care for

The core of our work in 2023-24 will focus on providing on-site and online experiences with other nurses that bring balance, well-being, and renewed energy. We will bring delight and motivation back to the practice of nursing from the bedside, to the community, to the support of nurse entrepreneurs.


“Power Up” is not just a theme but a commitment to cultivating limitless nurse self-efficacy that will transform healthcare and our world. 

Power Up Nursing hosted our first annual conference in Orlando, Florida June 22-24, 2023. POWER UP Nursing community events are being planned throughout the year and into 2024.


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For more information on how to host POWER UP NURSING at your healthcare organization, to contribute ideas and resources or to become a corporate partner, contact:


Tanya Abreu, 561-258-5230,

Alba Rodriguez PhD,

Leanne Meier RN,

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POWER UP NURSING is coordinated by Leanne Meier RN, nurse influencer, speaker, author, and podcaster of Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse with outreach to more than 120,000 nurses worldwide and

Alba Rodriguez, Ph.D, neuroscientist, researcher, and international stress and pain resolution expert.


LEANNE MEIER, RN, Nurse Influencer


ALBA RODRIGUEZ, PhD, Neuroscientist

Hosting a Power Up Nursing Retreat or Nurse Wellness Program

If you are a professional organization, community group, or healthcare facility looking for a remarkable idea for recognizing and honoring your nurses, HOST A POWER UP NURSING RETREAT.


From remarkably empowering keynote presentations to interactive workshops, demonstrations, and breakouts, nurses will experience and practice new ways to “Power Up” both their personal life and nursing career.

We support and train nurses to disrupt the cycle of stress, pain, and disease in their lives.

You can select from a variety of POWER UP RETREAT topics including:

  • Preventing Burnout, Stress Related Disease, and Injury 

  • Understanding Bias and Embracing Diversity  

  • Cultivating Cooperation at Home and Work 

  • Recognizing Leadership in Yourself and Others 

  • Personal Branding, Style, and Nurse Makeovers 

  • Solving Chronic Pain 

  • Nurse Entrepreneurship 

  • Dealing with Workplace Conflict and Passive Aggression

  • Reigniting Your Dreams  

  • The Evolution of Nursing and Its Future in U.S. Healthcare

  • Succeeding at Weight Management and Positive Body Image

  • Finding Joy in The Workplace 

  • Nurses as Educators and Community Change Agents 

  • Finding Energy the Healthy Way: Nutrition, Movement, and Mindfulness


Activities, edutainment, healthy snacking, and a nutritious delicious breakfast/lunch are included. Our national partners provide door prizes and goodie bags. Your organization is also encouraged to “reward” its nurses with small gifts and/or other tokens of respect and gratitude.  POWER UP NURSING is a remarkable employee wellness benefit. Partners support the initiative and are promoted both in retreats and on the digital platform.

CONNECT WITH US TO LEARN MORE and to check availability of speakers and dates. Thank you. 

Tanya Abreu, 561-258-5230,

Alba Rodriguez PhD,

Leanne Meier RN,

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